Get “buyer power” on your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom …

Our Home Improvement Loans put the cash in your hands to give you maximum buying power. Ask for a discount on your kitchen, extra items to be included in your bathroom package or maybe a free upgrade on your bedroom. Having the right money at your disposal will put you in control for every aspect of your renovation or refurbishment and with AMC Credit arranging finance has never been easier.

From initial consultation through to final offer, our team will guide you through the straightforward application process meaning you could be turning your house into the home of your dreams sooner, and for less, than you might think..

Rates and terms

Our home improvement loans are provided at the competitive
rate of 10%. Subject to your circumstances we could provide you with the full funds you
require or simply top up the funds that
you have already saved. The choice is yours.


Fit for purpose

Home Loans are designed with you in mind.

Sleep in style

Your own place

A peaceful space

Why AMC Credit?



We deal personally and confidentially with all loan applicants.



Our policy is to lend responsibly and ensure that you get the right loan for you.



AMC Credit is part of Capurro which has been serving the community since 1876.


Home loan calculator

Know where you are – fast!

Our personal approach means three simple steps it all it takes to know if you qualify.



Whether by phone, by email or by web – just get in touch to start the process.



Our loan advisor will be able to quickly establish your individual requirements and situation.



Based on your information our advisor will be able to quickly let you know if you qualify.


Frequently asked questions

  • What can I use my home loan for?
  • You can use a home loan for any improvements to your home. Re-modelling a kitchen for example, adding another room or simply refurnishing your home.
  • What amount can I borrow?
  • Every loan is considered on an individual basis and the amount you can borrow will depend upon the individual circumstances of your application. If you are unsure as to if the amount you wish to borrow could be made available to you then please get in touch.
  • Do I need to be a home owner?
  • All loans are available to homeowners and non-homeowners, so tenants and those still living with family or friends are welcome and potentially eligible for a loan as long you meet our requirements.
  • Is the loan secured?
  • In case of a home improvement loan, then the home or other value personal property is usually used as collateral. A guarantor can also be used to secure the loan where appropriate.
  • What if I have no credit history?
  • All our loan applications are treated on an individual basis. If you are in doubt as to whether you will be eligible for a loan then please get in touch and we will discuss your situation in confidence.
  • Is the application confidential?
  • All discussions with our loan team take place in the utmost confidence. Any information you provide us with as part of a loan application is stored on our secure systems and can be accessed only by the AMC Credit team.